Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poem Collection

Red, White and Black Sin

For all my sins that written in blood,

Forgive me for that,

For I am happy,

Walking in and out from darkness,

Twisting my fate in a palm of god,

Restless you may say,

The truth that I am fear of losing,

Lose my sanity to the unknown creature,

May I live in the world of terror?

Such an endless ending of this tales,

Tales that have been tells by sinner,

Cruelty may be the cause,

Damn that path,

It leads me to destruction,

Leads me to an unwanted pain,

Hurts so much,

Like a daggers struck my heart,

Just like flame burning me to ashes,

Shall I leave this task to a wind?

Blew this burden away,

And I declared myself free,

Free from the cause to live in this world,

Faded in the middle of nowhere,

Step cannot be heard no more,

Whispers already disappear,

Everything were shattered into pieces,

The emptiness cannot be replaced,

It reappears as a lost soul,

That walking without feet,

That speaking without language,

Arise as a hollow,

Grasping each time with eerie,

So live and let die,

Are the causes may healed?

Let it just bleed.

Intimidated to love

I drag myself,

Upon hearing your call,

And I seem lost,

Lost in your soul,

My heart is shattered,

Smaller than pieces of sand,

It takes time to heal those wound,

Hope you will understand,

Whispering love is all I can do,

But giving is really hard to do,

Nor this will remain undecided,

For thee, maybe will or maybe not,

I took upon challenge,

A path that may lead to broken heart again,

May thou love shall remain there,

Nor it will go anywhere,

I have been trembled so many times,

Arrest by your voice and vision,

This mighty heart will still remain the same,

Until later, destiny will prevailed,

Story we created has to be put on hold,

Because I am too tired of fighting my soul,

Shall I poise my lust for love?

Or let it remained untouched,

This poor heart will never wander,

This eyesight never desire,

This voice could never be abuse,

This is as far these lips can swear,

I do,

I do not,

Was easily said,

Later you will see,

I will devour them by my action.


Let me be a phantom,

That keeps hiding from you,

Do not search for me,

I would like to remain a mystery,

I am afraid,

When I see you,

So let me be,

Just me,

For you,

I am a person,

A man of course,

That admire,

The smile of yours,

The hair pin that you wear,

The mole under your right eyes,


And those stripes shirt,

Kept me live in colour,

Those glasses make your eyes shine,

That is for you to know,

For me,

It is a feeling that keep growing,


Let me conclude something,

This is not a hope for something,

Just a plain words to keep this lips wet,

To describe you,

So admirable.

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